Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith Ryan Smith is an award-winning journalist with more than a decade of experience in the industry. Beginning his career in the army as a writer for Fort Bragg's award-winning military newspaper, Ryan has held nearly every editorial position in the field, from staff writer to managing editor.

Ryan is the winner of two Keith L. Ware awards for military journalism and two Florida Press Association awards for commentary.

Contact: Ryan.Smith@keymedia.com
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    The Government Accountability Office will begin an investigation into the culture and management practices of the CFPB in response to months of allegations about discrimination and retaliation at the agency

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    The Dow plunged more than 317 points yesterday, but it shouldn’t have an effect on the mortgage market. However, that doesn’t mean rates won’t go up in the near future

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    Bank of America has offered a record-breaking $14 billion to settle a Justice Department probe over the sale of shoddy mortgage-backed securities -- but the government is demanding more

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