National AMC launches rebranding initiative

by MPA23 Apr 2014
A nationwide appraisal management company has changed its name as part of a rebranding initiative that aims to expand the company’s footprint among midsize lenders.

A-1 Closing Services, an appraisal management company that provides a full range of residential appraisal services, is changing its name to MyAMC.

“The name A-1 Closing Services gave lenders the impression that we were a closing services company, not an AMC,” said Mills Landon, MyAMC’s managing director. “We are expanding our presence among mid-size lenders, and everything about our rebranding, from our new name to the focus of our business operations, supports that objective.”

The rebranding also includes the rollout of a mobile appraiser engagement technology and an auto appraiser assignment technology. The appraiser engagement technology, available as an app for iOS and Android devices, connects appraisers with the company, enabling them to receive, accept and decline orders in minutes. The appraiser assignment technology automates the process of assigning an appraisal to an appraiser.

““Lenders can’t afford appraisal delays or quality issues that cause them to miss critical closing dates,” said Landon. “In rebranding MyAMC, we have added process enhancements that specifically address our clients’ needs for quality and speed.”


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