VA news

  • Branch Opportunity of the Week: Supreme Lending committed to people, technological innovation by Ryan Smith

    If you’re looking to join a branch network that uses technology in innovative ways, is committed to its employees and has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings out there, you’ll want to check out Supreme Lending

  • Renovation loans surging forward by Ryan Smith

    With an ever-stricter regulatory environment and the economy improving at a sluggish pace, the mortgage business isn’t getting any easier. One kind of product, however, seems to be gaining steam: the home improvement loan

  • From the forums: A knotty VA problem by MPA

    The great thing about MPA's discussion forum is that originators can bring their tough cases to their colleagues for advice. And forum user dbsdesk gave us a doozy a few days ago


Is TILA-RESPA a good or bad thing long term?