Reverse news

  • HUD clears up mortgage confusion by Donald Horne

    The Department of Housing and Urban Development cleared up what had been a perplexing issue for homeowners, lenders and counselors for years.

  • Reverse mortgages and broker responsibility by Justin da Rosa

    How much responsibility should originators take for confusion about reverse mortgages?

  • Open Mortgage closes deal on recruiter by Donald Horne

    When Open Mortgage went looking this year for someone to lead their recruiting efforts in the retail and reverse mortgage space, they also found someone to increase their footprint in the market.

  • Association returns fire on CFPB advisory by Donald Horne

    A Consumer Financial Protection Bureau study’s findings have stirred up a hornet’s nest in the reverse mortgage industry, with a response from that industry’s association president taking the issue head on.

  • CFPB says reverse mortgage ads are misleading consumers by Ryan Smith

    Today the CFPB released the results of a study that found many consumers were left with the wrong impression after seeing reverse mortgage ads

  • Melinda Hipp by

    Melinda Hipp of Vandyk Mortgage made it to Mortgage Professional America's Elite Women of 2015.


Should CFPB have more supervision over credit agencies?