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  • Credit unions steering away from non-qualified mortgages by Diana Aqra

    Credit unions are likely to reduce their origination of mortgages that don’t adhere to incoming requirements laid out by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

  • Navigating the New Compliance Landscape by

    When David Zugheri launched Envoy Mortgage 16 years ago, it was only him, his partner, and $8,000. Today the company sells loans in 48 states, employs 1,000 people and stands as a mortgage industry success story.

  • The New Breed of First-Time Home Buyers by

    They are young, tech-savvy, debt-burdened, and cash-strapped. The entire American housing market economy depends on their participation, but the credit markets see them with apprehension.


Is TILA-RESPA a good or bad thing long term?