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  • ​Sandi Sicilia : Keeping Pace with the Changes by MPA

    Not all regulation is bad, says Gateway Funding’s Sandi Sicilia. The problem with the current regulatory environment is that it lacks clarity and consistency – and too much regulation has led to deserving borrowers being turned away

  • Non-QM loans offer opportunities for brokers by

    With the advent of the CFPB’s qualified mortgage rule in January, many originators worried that QM restrictions would deal a deathblow to their businesses. But with the proper precautions, there’s no reason why non-QM loans can’t be a profitable channel for brokers

  • Are brokers really lazy? Here's what an industry giant says by Ryan Smith

    One of the biggest names in the industry sounds off on a reader's contention that brokers are 'lazy and complacent'


Is TILA-RESPA a good or bad thing long term?