Radian Guaranty and LendingQB strengthens MI and lending partnership

by Anna Sobrevinas16 Jan 2017
Radian Guaranty and LendingQB have widened their partnership for easier access to non-delegated mortgage insurance and appraisal services for lenders.

Lenders are able to acquire Radian MI for both delegated and non-delegated loans as well as real-time quotes through the LendingQB end-to-end LOS, according to a news release. Clients will also be able to order appraisals, upload documents and track order statuses via Radian’s online portal.

“At Radian, we are always looking for ways to make it easier for our customers to do business with us,” said Brien McMahon, chief franchise officer at Radian. “This expanded partnership is a clear win for Radian’s customers utilizing the LendingQB LOS, because it will provide a broader selection of services that can be
delivered efficiently, helping lenders make their operations as lean as possible.”

The integrations strengthen Radian and LendingQB’s pledge of making the loan process easy, convenient and efficient in accessing settlement services.

“Providing easy access to Radian’s products makes the lender’s process more efficient,” said Tim Nguyen, president of LendingQB. “The ability to obtain quotes and submit orders for appraisals, non-delegated and delegated MI within our LOS saves lenders time by simplifying the origination process. It demonstrates how two companies can align their technologies to help lenders improve the overall lending experience.”

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