• Ask the Expert: How do I prioritize my contacts? by MPA

    You can't contact everyone involved in a loan transaction. So how do you prioritize who to call?

  • Can you identify the office psychopath? by MPA

    One in 25 managers qualify as a psychopath – and the percentages of those who either are in positions of power or own companies are considerably higher than the general population. Why so high? A group of researchers in Texas and British Columbia explain.

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    Conveying your mortgage business' message in a 140-character tweet can be difficult. What's even tougher is making that statement stand out among a sea of other tweets. However, with the right tools, your brokerage can easily engage the almost 300 million active users on Twitter.

  • Marketing to millennials: How to reach Gen Y by MPA

    Millennials can text with their eyes shut, multi-task all day long and somehow keep in touch with everyone they’ve ever met. But when it comes to buying a home, they’re woefully in the dark about their options. Here, industry experts give their advice on successfully marketing to millennials.

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    Is anyone at your office getting into the spooky spirit? If so, snap a few pictures and send them our way!

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    The group is crucial to keeping the real estate cycle going, but they are also one of the groups having the toughest time in today’s tight-credit market


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