• The power of customer intelligence by Ryan Smith

    With the right intelligence, originators can know exactly when to follow up on a lead or past customer. And without it – they’re leaving literally millions of dollars on the table

  • How the power of A.I. can supercharge your business by Ryan Smith

    One of the biggest challenges for mortgage professionals is keeping in contact with all their potential customers – but what if they had a personal assistant who never forgot, never made a mistake, and never let a customer fall through the cracks?

  • If people aren’t buying, you have an expensive hobby, not a business by

    In an incredibly competitive business landscape, it is vital that you keep customers not just satisfied but delighted! Stefan Kazakis reveals how to wow customers – and keep them for years to come

  • Marketing to millennials: Don’t sell, educate by MPA

    The generation is forecasted to be a driving force in housing in 2015 and traditional marketing methods aren’t enough to attract the newest consumer power group.

  • Are regulators abusing their power? by MPA

    Quicken Loans seems to think so as it is suing the DOJ and HUD. The lender said it had no choice after the DOJ demanded it “make public admissions that were blatantly false, as well as pay an inexplicable penalty or face legal action.”


Is TILA-RESPA a good or bad thing long term?