• Major bank exec jumps ship for PE firm’s play at mortgage origination by Diana Aqra

    A billion-dollar hedge fund has nabbed a former major bank exec to launch a new origination platform

  • CFPB cracks down on kickbacks by Kelli Rogers

    A “systemic problem” in homebuilding that’s been around for many years has reared its head, an industry spokesman has said

  • In Search of the Silver Bullet by

    As a licensed contractor and real estate broker, I’m constantly inundated with emails of products which will cause me to make tons of money if I buy into their hype. I often attend conventions where many other products and coaching companies pitch their wares which will be the “Silver Bullet” to my success as I make strides against my competition. I walk through and bookstores and grab the latest self-help manuscript that proclaims great wealth for me, if I follow their plan. I, like many others have purchased programs, coaching CD’s, books, attended seminars; looking for that Silver Bullet that will give me a step ahead of my competition, and just like my competition, I discovered that the Silver Bullet was nothing more than chrome plated hype. But all was not for a loss, I did gain some knowledge and a few tips, which some have helped me gain additional income.


Is TILA-RESPA a good or bad thing long term?