Interest rates

  • Rate hikes are ahead – but how many? by Ryan Smith

    The Federal Reserve has signaled that it will continue to hike interest rates sporadically. Now the Congressional Budget Office is projecting just how high rates might go over the next few years

  • Fed holds rates steady – for now by Ryan Smith

    After raising interest rates at its last meeting, the Federal Reserve decided against a rate hike in May – but intimated that further hikes were on the way

  • Fed continues taper, downgrades yearly economic outlook by MPA

    The Federal Reserve, as expected, announced a further taper of bond buys today. The Fed also moderated its outlook for yearly economic growth following a less-than-stellar first quarter

  • Rate snapshot: Housing starts fall, Fed meeting underway by MPA

    Housing starts fell in May for the first time in four months, and the Fed's governing committee, meeting today and tomorrow, is expected to taper another $10 billion. All this and more in today's rate snapshot

  • Rate snapshot: Fed expected to continue taper; Iraq heats up by MPA

    The Fed's governing committee meets this week and is expected to cut another $10 billion from its monthly bond buys. Meanwhile, the Iraq situation escalated over the weekend with Sunnis claiming that they've assassinated Shiite militia. All that and more in today's rate snapshot


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