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State Requested Amount Property Type Loan Type FICO LTV Posted
PA $K Land Refinance 50% 1/29/2014
Details description I have a customer lookin for a small cash out on 17 acres of land (in PA) with a '95 mobile home on it. The home is tenant occupied. Borrower has a good job ( welder for 25 years) ...
MD $200K Residential Purchase 85% 1/29/2014
Details description Looking to purchase and do some renovations of kitchen and bath, also electric upgrade (to increase value) Being self employed I cannot get a typical mortgage loan. Currently renti ...
CA $360K Residential Purchase 90% 1/29/2014
Details description Borrower had a foreclosure 5 yrs ago & has 5% down & seller carry back 5%, $400,000 pp. job loss & now needs a loan - Regards Bob Gerson
WA $250K Single-Family Purchase 800 80% 1/6/2014
Details description Looking for land loan for future vacation home. Borrower wants land loan only for now.
OH $250K Single-Family Construction 95% 12/28/2013
Details description I have a Client who owns homes in the Columbus Market. He wants a line of credit to Purchase Distressed Properties at 60% After Repair Value. Will have a contracting crew fix them ...
VA $650K Single-Family Construction 0 75% 12/16/2013
Details description Builder (client) needs $650K to restructure construction debt. Has 3 properties - 2 in Arlington VA (under construction) and 1 in Falls Church (completed and just listed). I have ...
WA $100K Single-Family Refinance 700 57% 12/10/2013
Details description I have Borrowers with purchase 2 years ago. Since that they made an addition to the house - 2 more bedrooms, bathroom and extra family room. They used up their cash and credit c ...
CA $3M Single-Family Purchase 780 80% 12/10/2013
Details description DTI is 23/30, borrower has over 3M in cash reserves (2M in SEP IRA & 1M in stock/cash). They have 780k (excluding above reserves) to use for down payment and do not want to liquid ...
FL $220K Condo Purchase 740 70% 12/10/2013
Details description non warrantable condo, low rise , no real issues except the project can build 1 more phase.
CO $70K Other Purchase 760 70% 12/9/2013
Details description Land loan-approx. 70 acres in Hartsel, CO Has electrical to site, mostly raw land. Requesting 70% LTV but a lower LTV could possibly work. Thank you
CA $417K Single-Family Purchase 740 80% 12/9/2013
Details description person had a short sale 2 years ago
CA $480K Single-Family Refinance 680 70% 12/4/2013
Details description 13 months out of Chapter 7, Rate and term only, no cash out. Just looking to get out of FHA/M.I.
TX $376K Single-Family Construction 691 80% 11/8/2013
Details description Borrower is a pharmasist. Wife is a W-2 income nurse. He worked for his own company but the pharmacy was not making money so he shut that business down. Now he opened a new ph ...
IL $175K Single-Family Refinance 748 65% 11/7/2013
Details description I have a divorced woman who is required to refinance her mortgage to take her ex-husband off the obligation. They were divorced in 2011. She is a part-time fitness class instruct ...
NC $550K Single-Family Construction 805 65% 11/7/2013
Details description construction funds needed
MI $2M Other Refinance 780 50% 11/7/2013
Details description I have a Realtor Client who owns over 50 homes, Commercial businesses and other investments. He wants a line of credit to Purchase Distressed homes. Have a contracting crew fix the ...
IL $100K Single-Family Purchase 75% 10/22/2013
Details description Looking for local small investor investment capital resources-Illinois Chicagoland area. Realtor with developing Investor base and contractor affiliations. Please email your curr ...
VA $116K Single-Family Refinance 660 70% 10/15/2013
Details description single family 7 bedroom, 4 bathroom, need to payoff private lender, house vacant.
MA $800K Single-Family Purchase 740 80% 10/11/2013
Details description MA mortgage broker looking for a lender with great pricing on Jumbo loans. Prefer bank or credit union wholesale relationship.
FL $490K Single-Family Refinance 790 70% 10/9/2013
Details description Investment property under corporate name - needs to be fast closing, have appraisal ready to go.


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