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State Requested Amount Property Type Loan Type FICO LTV Posted
TX $1M Single-Family Refinance 689 55% 7/18/2013
Details description self-employed need a 43% DTI looking for a 10 yr ARm
OR $520K Single-Family Refinance 688 70% 7/15/2013
Details description need c/o refi on vacation beach hm prop. for excl borrowers. personal res f/c ($400K) 30yr job history, $450k in Charles schwab investments. near zero debts. Challange - Mrs. inc ...
VA $455K Single-Family Refinance 620 70% 7/11/2013
Details description Client never missed a payment on anything. NOO 2ndhom val 650k. Rental F&C val 150k, OO F&C val 350k. Needs 250k-450k cash to pay judgement. Client entered Chap 13 <6mos ago to ...
WA $585K Single-Family Purchase 780 80% 7/11/2013
Details description Need 80/10/10 where Borrower only wants to put 10% down Borrower is looking for 80% 1st and 2nd with 10% and 10% down payment.
WA $325K Single-Family Refinance 777 66% 7/11/2013
Details description DTI 52%
CA $150K Single-Family Refinance 760 50% 7/11/2013
Details description Looking for a stand alone 2nd or HELOC- does anybody know a lender who still does those? Thx.
VA $2M Single-Family Refinance 720 75% 7/11/2013
Details description I have a self employed borrower with a DTI of 47%, and this is a Jumbo loan. He also has a 2nd mortgage, which makes the CLTV 86.617%, he has owned the home for 9 years and it's a ...
CA $265K Single-Family Refinance 622 79% 7/10/2013
Details description Have a potential FHA stream, perfect mortgage but scores are 629 and 622. Not sure on income qualifying, haven't addressed with borrower yet. I can't do with those scores. Any o ...
TX $112K Single-Family Purchase 720 80% 7/10/2013
Details description I have an individual moving from California to Kyle, TX. Currently he owns a pool cleaning/maintenance business for 5 years. He is buying another pool cleaning business from an in ...


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