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State Requested Amount Property Type Loan Type FICO LTV Posted
MO $1M Multifamily Refinance 620 70% 9/19/2013
Details description Own 2 buildings 1 21-unit and 1 27-unit. Looking to refinance.
AZ $400K Multifamily Refinance 691 50% 9/18/2013
Details description I own several properties that consists of: SFR, 3-PLEX, 4-PLEX total of 18 units. I would like to refinance the "Private Lender" loans of approximately $400, 000. The current v ...
FL $110K Single-Family Refinance 719 60% 9/17/2013
Details description One of my Bank of America sources referred me to a homeowner seeking rate reduction refinance of their mortgage. The borrower is self-employed (real estate), has very good credi ...
CT $300K Single-Family Purchase 640 97% 9/13/2013
Details description now 1 year after bk...had litigation issues for nearly 5 years when lawyers said to file ..w2 earner....no mortg lates for over 4 years during litigation period becuz hse paid off ...
AZ $52K Single-Family Purchase 720 80% 8/28/2013
Details description Purchase loan for 1993 manufactured 24'X56" home on it's own residential lot. The property will be used a rental with lease agreement already sign by tenant. Capital Lenders Daniel ...
TX $600K Single-Family Purchase 690 90% 8/21/2013
Details description Building a SFD in very stable market. Gross income at $500k. Good DTI ratio. FICO glitch due to divorce - some consumer credit balances and one late payment.
CA $900K Single-Family Purchase 670 80% 8/21/2013
Details description I did a short sale on my primary on my primary two months ago. I want to purchase again.
SC $170K Single-Family Refinance 600 90% 8/19/2013
Details description Looking to do LTV @ 85 to 90% on 30 year FHA loan? Credit score OK, should go up a little, just paid some balances down. No lates in 2 1\2 years. House should appraise at $170,00 ...
CA $210K Single-Family Refinance 750 65% 8/17/2013
Details description 4 Beds, 2.5 Baths, 1904 SF Townhouse in Mountain View, Ca. Built 2007, Appraised Nov. 2012 for $940,000. Rental income $4,000 per month. Existing First TD $400,000 and Second TD ...
CA $887K Single-Family Refinance 714 89% 8/15/2013
Details description Trying to do a cash out refi to payoff a small second and some credit cards. Back end ratio 45. Cash out $ 85,000 . Reserves approx 5%. Value approx 1m.
FL $90K Single-Family Refinance 632 60% 8/15/2013
Details description I have a brw who wants to do a FHA cash out refi to buy out her ex-husband's portion of equity. I have an approve/eligible. The brw had a ch7 bk may 2010. the new co-brw is her boy ...
MO $200K Condo Purchase 80% 8/15/2013
Details description Any Lender that allows for builder to still be in control of HOA and not the homeowners
MO $103K Manufactured Refinance 80% 8/15/2013
Details description Any LTV Doublewide Financing
CA $350K 2-4 Family Refinance 725 60% 8/15/2013
Details description borrower has modified loan on subject property (owner-occupied). Never late prior to or since modification. Principal reduction was part of mod.
NY $225K Single-Family Refinance 710 60% 8/15/2013
Details description This is a mother/dauhter one family home, investment property, cash out refinance, monthly rent is 3,500 ...
FL $1M Single-Family Purchase 731 80% 8/15/2013
Details description Self employed attorney
NV $875K Single-Family Purchase 602 70% 8/14/2013
Details description Hard money loan brokered by loan time hard money lender, but I don't have an investor with $875k right now. It pays 12% interest and points. Must fund ASAP!
CA $297K Single-Family Refinance 650 78% 8/7/2013
Details description we got a desktop underwriting result - Refer with Caution I am checking to see if any other lenders will be able to fund the loan.. The reasons are outlined below.. the m ...
CA $200K Manufactured Purchase 750 50% 7/30/2013
Details description Borrower is well qualified wants to purchase an investment property that is a manufactured home. Can put up to 50% down. Property is on a permanent foundation.
MD $392K Single-Family Refinance 720 30% 7/30/2013
Details description 99K heloc and 226 first...also cash out to pay off 66K on 2nd home (ltv on 2nd home around 17%) former business owner currently has social security 36K and draws about out of IRA.. ...


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