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WY, Other, Purchase, $1,000M, 400 FICO, 80% LTV
Posted on 9/10/2016 11:48:51 AM

We can provide Traditional and Alternative Financing through our Various Sources' Programs for any legal personal or business or investment request, worldwide.

Traditional Funding is Recourse Financing -Funds you have to repay.
Alternative Funding is Non-Recourse Financing-Funds you do NOT have to repay.

Minimum Loan Amount Request is $5 Million and UP to NO Maximum

Collateral Requirements:

(1) Traditional, the client needs a minimum of 1%-3% of the Loan amount in
(2) Alternative, the client needs a minimum of $1 Million or more in CASH
or Bank Instruments

Collateral is returned for Alternative Funding upon completion of the transaction.

Provision of Bank Instruments is also provided for Sale or Lease.

Monetizing of of many assets is also available such as for
Bank Instruments, ETF's, Municipal Bonds, U.S. Treasuries, Common Stock on Worldwide Exchanges, Investment Grade Corporate and Regular Bonds, and many more assets, etc. $1 Million and UP to NO Maximum.
NO Real Estate or Land assets at this time for monetizing.

We has Asset Loans against Gold, Diamonds, Construction Equipment, Fine Art, Artifacts, Jewelry, Precious Gems, Luxury Autos, Jets, etc., as well.
NO Real Estate or Land Loans at this time.

We have many, many options for financially qualified direct clients, worldwide.
For Details, contact us with:
(1) Your Full name
(2) Company name (if you have one)
(3) City, State, Country you're located
(4) Your Phone Number
(5) Your Email Address
(6) The particulars of your scenario and what type of collateral and the
amount you have.
Serious Inquiries Only from Direct Clients and/or their direct legal rep with complete contact info.

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