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AK, Commercial, Refinance, $10K, FICO, 70% LTV
Posted on 9/6/2016 2:06:37 PM

Good day,
My name is Donald G.Travis, I am an investor and I am looking for a partner in your country who can assist me in going into an investment project. I am interested in going into investment with part of an inherited funds which is still a very huge sum of money which I can not make a mention of for now. Please my reason for contacting you is for you to be my partner and assist me with business ideas or business plan that would be worth investing this funds. If you know you are interested or could be a help of investing this money please get back to me with your direct contact information it will be great having you as my partner in good faith..if interested, strictly send your reply to
Email: donaldtravis555@gmail.com

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State Requested Amount Property Type Loan Type FICO LTV Posted
MS $5M Commercial Refinance 3% 9/5/2016
Details description Dear Sir/Madam, We offer secured/unsecured loans to individuals and companies at low interest rate. We offer long and short term loans at 3% per year. My firm has recorded a l ...
OH $10K 2-4 Family Construction 50% 9/2/2016
Details description I am Long Chi a bank director here in Hong Kong. I have a business deal of mutual funds benefit for you CONTACT me on my personal email longchi2488@126.com for further details. Lo ...
MD $100K Single-Family Purchase 10% 8/31/2016
Details description Client in need of loan for owner occupied.Need to close on 10 day, borrower putting down 90% just need under $100 k ..very low credit score.Contact if can loan.


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