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KS, Single-Family, Purchase, $15K, 652 FICO, 4% LTV
Posted on 8/16/2016 5:36:20 AM

How i got my loan

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State Requested Amount Property Type Loan Type FICO LTV Posted
CA $K Other Refinance 5 2% 8/12/2016
Details description LOAN / MONEY AVAILABLE TO LEND AT RODRIGO SANTANA FINANCIAL INVESTMENT COMPANY. If you are interested in a loan or need investor, do contact us through this email address and we a ...
NJ $131K Investment Property (Residential) Purchase 70% 8/9/2016
Details description I've got a deal in NJ that I need to get funded. We are trying to close in a week. Can you help? This borrower has $80K in the bank. Has done 3 flips and has 2 other homes ...
CA $600K Residential Purchase 80% 8/9/2016
Details description I have a property due in September approaching my 6 month term. I'm looking to refinance a Berkeley SFR in the middle of remodel. Right now it's 45% complete with the following ...


Is TILA-RESPA a good or bad thing long term?